Amazon Live | The Truth About iPhone 12 Charging

I tested the code UKNANO10 - works


I own 3 Nano 18W already don’t have anything needing more than 18W so I won’t be buying any more but highly recommend the Nano to anyone who hasn’t got one yet. Travel friendly, compact.

Nice seeing you on there @ktkundy and @AP_Gotzon @SoundcoreAdam and any others I didn’t recognise.



Apple could do one thing differently and turn this bad press into good press. Just ditch the Lightning port.

They could then say they are adopting non-proprietary electrical port charging systems and you can choose your charger including one you already own and use it across a range of Apple and non-Apple products.

The issue the others not using PD is they have to bundle their proprietary chargers.

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Yup going to USB C would be much better for environment especially if people are newly switching to iPhone. Most likely they would be coming from a USB C charging phone