Add a Splash of Color to Your Valentine’s Day

Great color choices. I’m happy with my Powercore so right now I’m covered.
I’d love to see one of these in a power draw :smiling_imp:

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I would certainly invest the max amount of bucks into that.

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I doubt we will see it there but fingers crossed lol

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Honestly, it’s just a 10000mah in a dress. I like Anker’s signature black style. Other than cables, to differentiate type, everything I own from Anker/Soundcore/Roav is black and I’m fine with it because I know they paid more attention to making the device work rather than look nice. I guess I really just want a brand new product from them. I have no idea what, but it’s sort of up to them to surprise us.

I have a PowerCore Slim 10000 PD in Coral ( or Terracotta Rose - both look the same)


I guess thats terracotta as its the traditional/plastic finish.
Coral has cloth top and maybe bottom.

I had chosen as Coral when I elected this powerbank :smiley: won it during the Anker Halloween Contest

Lol that’s one way to look at it

Winter sage - How romantic…

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Beautiful colors

Happy Valentines Day xx
Love to you all :kissing_heart:

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