A quick look at the eufyCam - Daylight - Video 1

My first attempt at a YouTube review video. More to come including a piece on the night vision, just wanted to get this up first. Used LumaFusion for the iPad to create:


Well done :slight_smile:

@simons Nice and sympatic video :thumbsup:

But as a eufycam pro user from the first minutes of this product i would assume that you may get some little trouble with back beam of the infrared light at the hanging flower pot. Have you checked this at nightvision mode? But maybe it is far away enough to not backbeam that much or maybe nothing at all. (Beside the fact that it is right in the view at the upcoming person and hide them some time).

What is pretty good is the choosen location/mounting of the cam, as you won’t get your cam triggered by all the cars and passers-by as you don’t record the street and sidewalk. But if you have mounted it here, you probably have better exploited the 140° wideangle of the cam:

But as all in life, everything got his pro’s ans con’s :slight_smile:

great video, thanks for sharing. How long did you have to charge it before the actual mount. How do you charge it when it runs out of charge?

4. Adjustable TIMESTAMP color, i.e. beeing able to change
the color of the timestamp from white to any other color or even to
change the outline-border of the timestamp (if want to keep it white) to
be able to read it easily even on very bright backgrounds like clouds,
sky, white background.

See also: +++ GENERAL eufycam TODO-LIST +++

May i answer your questions? (Of course @simons can answer too or correct me) :nerd:

With over a dozen of eufycams running my epercience is that the delivered cams are normaly coming at about 50% of charge. So a regular high speed charging (at the USB port of the homebase) for a empty cam will take about 4 hours, a fresh delieverd cam will need about 2 hours to be charged at the first time if you wanna mount it 100% full.

When it is out of battery, you can charge it with the delivered MicroUSB-to-USB cable at any USB port like at your computer. But this may take 8 hours for a full charge. High-Speed Charging (4 hours) is possible at the backside USB port of each homebase. Wait a sec, i make you a picture …

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Nice video. Been curious about video quality. How’s night video?