A Convenient Solution to Pet Hair Woes

The joys of pet ownership are almost endless. Your dog’s excitement as you walk through the door, your kitty jumping up to join you on the sofa as you watch TV, or your hamster’s little face as he stuffs his cheeks with food. All of these benefits of course outweigh the minor inconveniences that come with keeping your furry friend. One such fuss is dealing with pet hair around the house. A small price to pay for snuggle time but it is something that requires attention. Shedding pets not only make a mess around the house they also can cause allergies. That’s where RoboVac comes in!

eufy’s best selling RoboVac 30C offers a convenient answer to pet hair woes. Here are just a few ways RoboVac can offer a helping hand with your furry friend -

  1. Powerful suction power and filtration are vital for cleaning up your stray pet hair. RoboVac 30C boasts 1500Pa suction, a dual-layer filter, and a high-performance filter that all work to prevent allergies caused by hair and dirt blowing back into the air.

  2. As I am sure you have noticed, certain areas in your home seem to be prone to gathering more pet hair. Notably areas with less airflow like around table legs, floor lamps, pet-beds, etc. RoboVac 30C uses spot cleaning and boundary strips to focus on the areas which require more attention.

  3. The super-slim 2.85” design allows RoboVac to effortlessly glide into hard-to-reach places like under beds and sofas. So wherever your pet likes to hide out is covered!

  4. Set a clean while you’re out taking the dog for a walk. Use the EufyHome app to customize a cleaning schedule. RoboVac will tackle pet hair around your home at the times that suit you. Set cleaning 2 or 3 times a week to avoid the build-up of pet hair with zero effort.

So why not turn pet hair problems into a thing of the past with RoboVac?

We are offering our community members a chance to pick up our best-selling RoboVac 30C for only £189.99.

This 30% saving only be available for 24 hours and the deal will go live on the 18th of August.

Our German fans can also save 60€ on the RoboVac 30C or 55€ on the RoboVac 30.

Pet owners, don’t miss out!


Sod my cats, I’d need this for my own hair! :joy:


Nice deal for UK :+1:


thanks for sharing

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great deal for UK and Germany!

Went ahead and took the liberty to share it on Twitter :wink:

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I love your write ups. Always a pleasure to read :slight_smile: Unfortunately, I don’t have any pets anymore. :frowning:

This would have been useful a few years ago when I had a couple of dogs :grin:

Or just buy a dyson :smirk: