2K Clarity, Without the Wiring - The eufy Security Battery Video Doorbell

Looks pretty cool! May need to grab one!

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Thank you @AnkerTechnical for your response. It seems like Wired options is best for my case.

Hope this will be done soon and made available so I can use my existing Homebase (V1) to store more videos and not worry about running out of memory or loosing the device. :crossed_fingers:


Micro sd card slot would be nice to upgrade onboard storage to end users choice

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Does the wired version have the same lens and AI technology as the wireless one?

seems the “sony lens” is promoted here along with some sort of AI chipset, is this the case for the hardwired too?

Amazing. Glad to see a doorbell with great features and no monthly fee…

Love to see an option to buy just a doorbell (without the hub) to extend to a second door or for folks that already have a hub with the eufy 2 cams…

3s pre-buffer recording is not available if wired?

hello, thanks

Apparently not - which is a pity :frowning:

@richardjamesobrien I believe you can expand the memory via the USB port.

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Love it! Can’t wait to try

hello together, is there an releasedate for germany?

Whoa this is awesome! 2k is perfect for viewing on your phone and there is no monthly fee, that’s even better!

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The camera part and AI on battery doorbell are different from those on the wired doorbell.


I would like to cast my vote for adding homekit compatibility. I would love to have this feature added. I currently own the wired version but I would buy the hub alone if it meant it would add homekit.

it’s perfect if you’re gone a lot

Hi I recently purchased this however when I try to integrate with Echo Show 2nd Generation -> EufySecurity Skill to pull up the video feed it just displays a white wallpaper. Is it buggy?

I’ve been using mine for a few months now. It’s a great device, easy to install and pair to the doorbell and to your phone. The app is friendly and the customization with the sensitivity area works well. The newest app update is also more stable and responsive than the original on iOS. Clarity is spot on. Notifications are a God send and have helped deter package theft on my porch more than once. It’s a good compliment to the security system I have and allows me to talk to people near my home. It’s extremely simple to export video clips to your phone for incidents that need to involve police or your neighborhood watch. Sharing video is as easy as a text. The construction is sturdy and it is stylish. I’d recommend it, as a substitute to ring or other door cams.

Is it possible to test in Germany?

Is there a timeline on the doorbell being sold on its own in the UK without the homebase. Existing camera users dont need a second homebase!

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Why can’t the battery version be on 24x7 if it is wired? It seems the battery version has many key advantages: better camera, records at 15 fps vs the wired at 10 fps, WDR, better motion detection, more storage, safer storage (in home base vs on device), potentially getting home kit. The only bad part of the battery is the horrible delay in starting up the video feed. Wired is instant viewing since it’s always on, but battery needs to turn on and focus which delays the viewing by several seconds. If the battery version could always be on when it is hard wired, it would be the best, but that delay is a killer.